My car won’t start- Help!

My car is cranking slowly, what is wrong?

Cars break down when it is alsways most inconvenient time possible. It never fails that your car wont crank on the morning you are running late for work or for school.

Cars today are so modern that it is difficult for the average driver to diagnose the problem.

The first signs of car trouble

Car Wont Start

Frustrated that your car wont start?

Sometimes the problem of the car not starting does not happen immediately in the morning.  What’s worse is that you may be able to use your vehicle as you leave the house but when you leave the parking lot it suddenly happens.  For most people the solution would be to call a tow truck and have the vehicle go straight to a qualified automotive technician.

Essentially, some signs may be obvious while others can be neglected leading to more problems than just the car won’t start.  Some signs to look out for that may mean your car won’t start:

  1. The engine starter slowly turns while the lights are either dim or don’t work entirely.
  2. No reaction from the starter, engine does not turn including the windscreen wipers and the lights.
  3. Loud clicking sound as you turn the ignition key to the start position.  Although the starter does not turn the lights and windscreen wipers operate perfectly.
  4. Lights and windshield wipers are working but the engine doesn’t crank.
  5. Starter turns engine strongly but the engine dies out and wont crank
  6. The engine turns strongly with the starter but does not continue to come alive.  After a while of repeated attempts a strong smell of fuel is observed.

Common Diagnosis Why Your Car Won’t Start

If you are not a mechanic and are reading this blog for some quick answers, chances are you are looking for some answers to be more familiar with the problem before taking your car to a quality mechanic in Harford county Maryland, perhaps to ease your fear that you will get burned by an unscrupulous mechanic.

In that case it might be helpful to you to familiarize yourself with some common diagnosis to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. When it comes to car trouble that results in a situation where the car won’t start, the most common diagnosis to consider can include:

Car Battery Dead

Sometimes Your Car Wont Start When Your Battery Is Weak

  1. Flat or weak battery
  2. Faulty or dirty battery connections or battery that has reached its dead cycle
  3. Possible stuck gear in the starter motor
  4. Faulty wiring, ignition switch, solenoid or possibly problems with the starter motor
  5. Funny as this sounds, check and see if  vehicle has run out of fuel
  6. Moisture has accumulated in the ignition system
  7. Loose or disconnected ignition system wires
  8. Disconnected or broken fuel line
  9. Engine has been flooded by fuel due to continued start attempts


Coil packs may be going

Cars don’t have distributors anymore, hover they do have coil packs.  Potentially, a shorting or broken coil wire can result in a situation where the car won’t start.  The only way to check this condition is to examine if there is continuity of electricity flowing in the system.  This can be adequately checked by a qualified technician and can be quite difficult to attempt on your own.

Fuel System Problems means a Car Won’t Start

Fuel FilterAside from electricity, another driving factor common to majority of vehicles is fuel.  This means that any problems associated with the fuel system of the vehicle will result in a condition where the car won’t start.  When it comes to the fuel system the fuel pump and relay as well as the fuel filter are the most common components to consider.  These are the most likely sources of potential hindrances to the operation of majority of vehicles.

When it comes to the fuel pump and relay, the most common procedure is to test for fuel system pressure.  The fuel filter on the other hand needs to be tested for clogs that may be preventing the fuel from reaching the engine.  As you can imagine this can be quite challenging to achieve without the help of a qualified technician.  Moreover, it is recommended that you never attempt to do this on your own.

Some of the scenarios here are just a few of the possibilities that can cause vehicle problems resulting in a car won’t start situation.  Considering the complexities of newer vehicles and the various systems that are responsible for ensuring optimum vehicle performance, you probably need an expert’s help.

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