Squeaking Brakes in Bel Air? Don’t wait as long as this guy!

Got squesky brakes in Bel Air Maryland? Don’t wait as long to get them fixed as this Saab Driver did! Scary Stuff!!

In the old days of auto repair, if you needed your brakes fixed, you could run over to your local auto mechanic and get a new set of pads, get your rotors turned and be on your way. You used to be able to do this several times before you needed new brake rotors.

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We can’t say it enough, how cars are so advanced, things have changed and so have the brakes. Cars stop way better, way shorted and most now come with 4 wheel disk brakes. As a driver this is a good thing. But with these advance, the parts wear out more frequently. Its a trade-off. Better breaking means more wear and tear on your brakes.

If you are coming to a stop and you hear squealing, squeaking and grinding, please take your car in for an inspection. Your safety, your family’s safety and the safety of ther other motorists on the road depend on it.

The image below shows this dangerously worn brake rotor (right) compared to a normal brake rotor (left) and you can see the difference in thickness. Please don’t wait this long!



Below is and article we discovered ona website caled BangShift.com about a Saab driver who brought his car in after complaining about brake noises.

Here is an excerpt:


(Photos by Jay Spinella)  This horrifically abused component came off of a Saab 9-5 and the driver complained of “noisy brakes”. Can you freaking imagine what this sounded like?! Hello?

Jay said that he and his brother Tom were thinking of ways to chuck this thing into a saw and cut plywood with it. I have seen rotors worn right through their faces and into the cooling ribs but we’ve never seen one worn all the way through the ribs and even through most of the backing!

If you want a clean example of why some people are not supposed to own cars, this is it. This Saab had to have been a disaster to drive under hard braking and there has clearly been a problem for a long…loooooong time. I wonder how many of the cars on the road today are rolling around on brakes that look like this. INSANE!

Dangerous brake rotors



dangerous brake rotors

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